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SNHPA is the Premier Musical Performing Arts Program for Homeschoolers in Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding area!

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Our Story

Learn our history and what led to the growth of SNHPA.

Our Instructors

See our experienced staff who will teach your kids.

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Our Programs

Choir Profile


12 week class

We have Choir Programs for all ages, from beginner to advanced led by some of the most respected instructors in Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding areas.

Guitar Student Profile


12 week class

Whether your aspiring guitarist is just getting started or a seasoned ripper, we have the programs and instruction to ensure their continued development as a musician.

Elementary Music

12 Week Class

With multiple groups serving ages 4 through 10, your youngsters will learn, enjoy and perform as a team and develop wonderful skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Orchestra Profile


12 week class

From beginner to intermediate all the way up to advanced Orchestra, we have programs that will satisfy all skill levels and orchestrial interests, led by an incredible staff of instructors.

Band Profile


12 week class

Starting with "Fundementals" and carrying a student through "Intermediate" and potentially up to "Jazz Band", students will expand their knowledge and grow as muscicians.

Music Theory Profile

Music Theory

12 Week Class

This program with different levels for multiple skill levels, provides students an excellent opportunity to understand music theory and the principals that what we do are founded on.

Piano Profile


12 week class

These one-on-one piano classes are for students ages 9 - 18. This is an opportunity for piano students of all levels to improve their skills and develop as musicians.

Percussion Profile


12 week class

In our unique percussion programs, students will explore simple rhythms and their application to various percussion instruments with emphasis on proper technique.

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Benefits of Perfoming Arts?

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Learning music and participating in the performing arts can have an incredible impact on a students confidence.

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Self Expression

Performing Arts is one of the greatest ways to express who you are and share your spirit with the countless people who attend and appreciate our programs.


Our programs foster collaboration on some of the most beneficial levels. With the necessity of it in all of what we do, Collaboration is skill constantly developed.

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Academic Achievement

Being productive scholastically can be incredibly fulfilling for students. Our programs provide participants with rich acheivement they can be proud of.

Harp Icon


Achieving something noteworthy and being recognized for it, is one of the greatest feelings there can be. We make sure our students are recognized for their efforts.

Sap Sax


Being able to relate to someone and perhaps even help them, is a character trait that will benefit your child and our students for a lifetime.


Popular Programs


12 week class

Advanced Symphony Orchestra

This program is an auditioned group of wind, string, piano and percussion instruments, for students with well-established technique and solid ensemble experience.

12 week clasS

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band is an auditioned group that works on music in a fast-paced setting in the jazz style. Instruments of the Jazz Band include flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drum set, guitar, string bass and piano.


Why Learn With Us?


Highly Respected Staff

Our instructors are some of the most noteworthy around.


Decades of Experience

Between the team, our experience is unrivaled.


Engaging Curriculums

Well designed programs that produce excellent results.


Rewarding Performances

Your kids will experience achievement on a level few do.

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About US

Our Story

The Southern Nevada Homeschool Performing Arts organization kicked off its first season in the Fall of 2015. The mission of SNHPA is to provide high quality music education to those that do not have access to a music program in their school setting, and offer it at a reasonable fee. Read More...






What Our Parents Say

SNHPA has been an invaluable part of my childs life. The skills they’ve developed and how they’ve grown as a person, has been invaluable and we will forever be grateful to all of those that make SNHPA possible! Highly recommended!

Sara Allegra

Homeschool Mom

Our experience with the Southern Nevada Homeschool Performing Arts programs has been amazing to say the least! The instructors, the education and the experience they provide is absolutely awesome and has been a highlight of our childrens lives!

Wilson Renegrat

Real Estate Agent


Attending Our Programs

Auditions Feature


Students must audition to be placed into Intermediate Band/Orchestra, Advanced Symphony Orchestra, Advanced Chamber Strings, Chamber Choir, Show Choir, Jazz Band, Advanced Guitar Ensemble, and Intermediate Guitar Ensemble.

Class Supply List Feature

Class Supply Lists

Each program requires it's own unique collection of supplies and equipment. Contingent on the program your child is enrolled in, you'll want to reference the specific supply lists for that program and come prepared to get the most from our programs.

Uniform Feature

Uniform Information

Our various programs and events do call for specific attire. Please reference the requirements specific to the programs your children are enrolled for a detailed list of what those are. For additional questions and guidance on where to obtain, please contact us.


Frequently Asked

What is your policy on Health and Wellness

We will follow all state mandates and as such our policy is subject to change. We ask that you follow basic common practices and not have your child attend classes or events if they have symptoms of an illness. We have hand sanitizer in every classroom and have supplies to clean the environment between classes.

Where are you located?

Our classes are centrally located in the Las Vegas Valley at Trinity United Methodist Church located at 6151 West Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 which is near Jones and US-95.

Your classes are held at a church. Is this a Christian Group?

We rent space at Trinity United Methodist Church but are not affiliated with the church in any other capacity. We are not a religious group and welcome students from all backgrounds to join in our amazing classes.

How long is your term?

We have 12 weeks of regular classes, but do take most CCSD holidays and breaks within the term, making a term longer than 12 weeks. Every class, excluding music theory classes, will have a performance at the end of the term. Please check our Calendar page for more information about regularly scheduled class days.

Enroll Today!

We are currently enrolling students for the fall 2022 season.

We anticipate a great year and invite you and yours to be part of this amazing community!

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